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Sassi di Matera - Alberobello

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Durata 8 ore: Partenza da “Hotel o porto in Bari ”per Matera, famosa città dei Sassi, protetta dall’UNESCO come patrimonio dell’umanità. Visita dei “Sassi”, vere e proprie grotte e caverne utilizzate come abitazioni. Pranzo libero. Partenza per Alberobello, famosa per i “trulli”, tipiche abitazioni cilindriche terminanti con una particolare  cupola conica .

Duration 8 hours: You meet your fullday guide at  “Hotel or harbor in Bari” and are shuttled to Matera,listed as a Unesco site since 1993 and boasting a very peculiar downtown called “I Sassi” overlooking a canyon where houses are carved out from the face of rock and your guide will lead you through to discoverthe best views. Lunch free. Departure for  Alberobello,a tiny Unesco town surrounded by a lovely weelkept countryside, where you can enjoy a nice walk through its dry limestone cone- shaped house.



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